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We operate standard management system, and are certified by ISO9001:2000, every step are strictly according to ISO9001 standards. There are 62 injection machines and 700 staffs in our factory, which covers 8200 square meters, the monthly capacity is 13365Kpcs and annual capactiy is more than 9500 Tons.
Main products:
Cell phone shell, keyboard, phone shell, mouse, exchange, translators, remote controllers, electronical dictionary, MP3/4, transparent plastic products and Nylon.
Material: ABS, PC、PVC、PP、PA6、PET、PPT、PS、Acryl…


Plastic injection machines: 450 T: 1 set;  350T: 1 set;  250T: 2 sets;  150T: 15sets;  130T: 15sets; 120T: 20sets; 100T: 3 sets ;  90T: 5 sets.
Tempo printing machine: 3 sets
Silkscreen printing machines: 24 sets








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