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PCB welding processing,BGA welding, BGA plant ball, SMT processing, OEM, SMT
Generation materials processing, research and development model welding, the computer motherboard and interface card, digital camera, MP3, camera, electric meter module, DVD decoder board, switch, communication network products, photoelectric products, etc.                                                                                 
To provide customers from PCB design, production,  welding, assembling, testing, packaging to the whole process of the service.



PCB process capability:
1.Layer:  2-22 layer
2.Product type:  Rigid PCB,High Density Inverter PCB,thick copper PCB
3.Materials:  FR-4, CEM-3, Teflon, Aluminum Substrate, Rogers, Halogen Free, High Tg
4.Copper Thickness:  140micron(4oz)
5.Min Board Thickness:  0.4mm
6.Max Board Thickness:  5.0mm
7.Min finished Hole Diameter:  0.1mm
8.Outer layer line width / spacing:  0.1mm/0.1mm
9.Inner layer line width / spacing:  0.1mm/0.1mm
10.Min aperture:   0.2mm
11.Min Laser drilling:  0.1mm
12.Min  Ring Width:  0.11mm
13.Min BGA-bit hole spacing:  0.4mm
14.Resistance Tolerance:  ±10%
15.Minimum Insulation Thickness:  3mil
16.Maximum laser blind hole thickness to diameter ratio:  0.8:1
17.Maximum working board size:  520*622mm
18.Drilling Tolerance (PTH):  ±0.075mm
19.Drilling tolerance (NPTH):  ±0.05mm
20.Outline Tolerance (CNC):  ±0.13mm
21.Surface coating:  Lead Free HAL, HAL, Flash Gold, Immersion Gold, Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, OSP, Gold Finger Plating, Carbon Ink Printing, Peelable Blue Mask.



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